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Traffic Management Programs
ForkAware: Pedestrian & Forklift Safety Products
ForkAware is designed to enhance site safety. The systems have been developed to suit a variety of different applications and is not restricted by site size or number of forklifts or employees. Cost effective solutions are available for smaller sites where the operation of forklifts is spasmodic, however the risk to pedestrians exist.

ForkAware have also developed a portable radar system that has a built in Led display. This can be set up any where onsite to detect speeds and provide real time warnings.
ForkAware is a range of specialised products designed to provide increased safety for forklift operators and pedestrians.

The systems are cost effective and can be configured to suit any size of operation or any number of forklifts.
Forkaware RF
R.F. Forklift Warning Systems.
Microwave Movement Sensors.
Speed Detection Equipment
Forklift and Pedestrian Warning Systems.
Interlocking Gates.
Boom Gates.
Safety Barriers.