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Lateral Logistics was established in 2001. At this time we developed our unique Waresafe Pallet Rack Inspection Program and Waresafe Inspection Tool. Today we inspect pallet rack in all states of Australia and New Zealand.

We service the mining industry, retailers, industrial manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Our method of inspecting and reporting is complete and concise and with the methods that we employ, our audits are consistent.

We have learnt that there is more to inspecting pallet rack than just reporting damage. The cause of damage should be established with a view to reducing the incidence of damage in future.

A natural progression for us is to consider  forklift & pedestrian safety. We now offer a complete range of forklift safety equipment including specialised products such as Fork Alert & ForkAware.

A new range that will be launched in 2010 is drug & alcohol testing kits and services. We will be able to provide our clients advice on the testing methods available and what best suits their application and needs. If needed we can also undertake independent site testing of staff.