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Did you know?
Pallet Rack Safety Inspections.
How safe is your pallet rack?
  • Pallet racking should be independently assessed on a regular basis and at least once a year as defined in A.S. 4084-1993 and guidance notices issued by the Workcover authority.
  • Any damaged incurred to pallet rack, however minor, must be reported so that its effect on the safety of the rack can be immediately assessed.
  • Changes to the configuration of the pallet rack can impact on the loads it can carry.
  • Safe Working Load Signs and Maintenance Signs must be installed on all pallet rack.
  • Safety clips or pins must be installed to all beam connectors.
  • Strict tolerances apply to to the damage to all structural components.
  • Some repair methods are defined in the standard.
Waresafe Rack Inspection Program
  • Our Waresafe Program is unique, we are truly independent and our business is based on providing accurate and unbiased assessments based on the relevent standards. This includes but is not limited to AS4084-1993 and FEM 10.2.04
  • We look for the cause of damage and offer advice on how damage can be reduced in future.
  • All sites are provided with comprehensive reports, diagrams and configuration details.
  • We consider the impact of operating clearances and mobile plant on the rack.
  • We explore all options to ensure that the most effective ways of meeting compliance are tabled.
  • We can provide training for your staff in the correct way to maintain rack and how to establish internal inspections and support processes.
  • We can provide inspections and advice on all imported pallet rack.
Remember, there is more to inspecting rack than just reporting damage.