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Lateral Logistics provides a range of products and services designed to assist our clients in the provision of safer work places. This includes:
  • Waresafe Independent Pallet Rack Inspection Program.
  • Waresafe Pallet Rack Safety Training.
  • Waresafe Post Installation Pallet Rack Compliance Inspections.
  • Fork Alert Forklift Safety Systems.
  • Fork Alert Pedestrian Safety Systems.
  • Drug & Alcohol Test Kits & Testing services.
  • ForkAware Forklift & Pedestrain Safety Products
  • Portable personal warning lights.
Don't discover safety by accident. A proactive approach to safety is the best approach. Forklift & Pedestrian safety, pallet rack safety inspections, drug & alcohol test kits and led warning lights are all part of our range

Why inspect pallet rack? The reality is that rack collapses do happen.
Forklift Warning Systems. Do not leave safety to chance.